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24 generations of Goldsmiths.

"24 generations of goldsmiths"

Torrini Manifattura Orafa is a mix of tradition and innovation that stands out in a unique and typical "fusion".

The Workshop has an unmistakable Florentine artisan connotation, updated to new technologies to help create more precise models and achieve work in step with the times.
However, some of our machines have never changed. In their long years of service to our profession, they have preserved a human soul .
Driving them is a matter of inspiration and art, entrusted to our masters of work.

The processing method shows the fascinating aesthetic gesture of an artisan production.

And when you see and touch our jewels, you will undoubtedly recognize the quality of it. The  made in Italy .

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For over 700 years the Torrini family has created elegant art objects inspired by the Tuscan tradition and the sense of aesthetics.

Made on original design exclusively inside the ancient Manifattura workshop of Florence, and handmade with the best goldsmith techniques and in our famous Finishes .

They bring that authentic cultural heritage of Italian jewelry that for years has distinguished the good taste and quality of our craftsmanship.

Our jewels are in gold with different titles, in 3 colors of choice. And in 925/000 sterling silver.
Our stones are individually tested and have a high quality grade , not inferior to G color and Vs purity .

Each object made in our Manufattura workshop in Florence is accompanied by the Certificate of authenticity.

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  •  08/12/2022 18:00
  •   Via San Gallo, 9R, Florence, FI, Italy
  •  11/08/2022 17:06
  •   Via San Gallo, 9R, Florence, FI, Italy

DIDEMA AND TORRINI. A great wine in an exclusive bottle to collect, in great shape! The Torrini stamp made in bronze by hand in limited size for DIADEMA Wine. A wine that dear friend Alberto Giannotti produces with great care. Bronze, a material of great charm and used by our ancestors in late medieval works, lives over time, bringing it into its patina. Just as great wines elevate their personality as they age. Traditions in favor of a combination that will make many fans happy.

  •  10/11/2021 17:30
  •   Costa San Giorgio, Florence, FI, Italy

Torrini receives the important "OMA 2021 Artisan" award Today Together with 97 other companies for the Artisan Talent and Quality Production Award The delivery of the biennial awards will be held this afternoon, at 5.30 pm, at Villa Bardini. 500 Italian workshops of know-how that are part of the “Artigiano OMA” network. The biennial awards will be conferred this afternoon, at 5.30 pm, at Villa Bardini, in a ceremony promoted by the CR Firenze Foundation and by the OMA Association - Observatory of Art Professions, its instrumental subject also supported by other banking foundations, in collaboration with the Bardini and Peyron Monumental Parks Foundation. The Italian artisans of the “Artigiano OMA” network, the lifeblood of the economy of our territories who animate the Italian cities and historic villages with their tools, numerous materials and products.

  •  22/05/2021 15:00
  • Online Event

The Torrini 2021 Collection will be presented at the evocative and prestigious premises of the "Centro Serena di Roma". The completely renewed line was performed exclusively for the occasion of the launch which will take place tomorrow afternoon. The jewels of the 2021 Collection will then be made public from 1 June 2021 on our official website.

  •  01/05/2021 15:00
  • Location: To Be Announced

We are pleased to inform our customers that from May 1st we have activated a commercial service in Dubai at the prestigious ICCUA offices at 48 Burj Gate, 10th Floor, room # 1001, Downtown - Dubai - EAU Phone +971 4 3216260

  •  06/11/2020 15:00

Fabrizio Torrini "live" from Rome at the TV studios of the Serena Center. A fascinating place where time seems to have stopped. The Collection, performed exclusively for the occasion, was sold out during the presentation Show. Anecdotes and stories followed by interventions by the public who had the opportunity to hear from the owner of the Torrini Manufacture, Fabrizio Torrini, the in-depth information and clarifications relating to the various articles presented on the occasion.

  •  02/08/2020 17:00
  •   Via Giuseppe Mazzini, 225, Forte dei Marmi, LU, Italy

The Torrini Collection at Forte dei Marmi at the dear friend Ombretta. A vast choice of items is now also available in the prestigious center of Versilia. In the Ombretta shop you can try and be inspired by some classics of the Torrini Goldsmith Tradition. Torrini, the only one, the original.

  •  24/07/2020 22:00
  •   Piazza della Signoria, Florence, FI, Italy

As usual Fabrizio Torrini will be present in the "live" event held with Shop HQ.

  •  15/06/2020 17:00
  •   Via Cesarea, 50, Genoa, GE, Italy

Presentation of the new Lines of the Torrini Collection, in Genoa. The inauguration of the Torrini Classico Icon lines will be at the Dessi Jewelery, in Via Cesarea 50. Torrini, the only one, the original.

Solo questo certificato identifica un TORRINI Originale ed Autentico.


Florence and Tuscany have been the cradle of the arts since the Medici Renaissance and are the perfect example of our cultural heritage.

From 1330 the beginnings

Learn MoreJan 01, 1300


Jacopus registers the Torrini Brand at the Florence State Archives

Learn MoreJan 01, 1369


Francis registers in the Red Gate

Learn MoreNov 03, 1700


Playing 1870

Learn MoreJan 05, 1870


1922 Guido registers with the General Union of Florence

Learn MoreJan 03, 1922


From the post-war period to the present day

Learn MoreJan 05, 1945

Current property

The Manifattuara today.

Learn MoreJan 01, 2011
  • Via San Gallo, 9R, Florence, FI, Italy